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Fee Schedule

For those appraisers that service 4 or Fewer counties.

Basic Monthly Fee (for 1st County) $15.00
For Each County in Addition to first county $3.00 each
For Non Hosted Web Page Link $5.00


For those appraisers that service 5 or More counties.

Basic Monthly Fee (Includes First 6 Counties) $25.00
For Each County in Addition to first 6 $1.50 each
For Non Hosted Web Page Link $5.00

For First Time Clients - On Original Application
10% discount off any plan.

Applies if you are a New Client
If the County is in your Home State and you are the First Appraisal Firm to List in that county.
If you Cover the Entire County.

You need to be first in only one of your counties to qualify, but the discount applies to your total cost.

Application Fee is $30 and is included on First Invoice.
Note : Application Fee is Waived for 1st Time Applicants.

General Information about Listing Plans

Please Note
There are no Free Listings or Test Listings.
All Payments are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.

Listing Position Senority for each county listed
is determined by Date of Payment for that county.

All Fees Quoted are Computed on a Monthly basis
First Invoice is for 6 months
Subsequent Payment Periods are determined by Listing Plan
(see Payment Infomation for details on billing periods for specific plans)

For Each County associated with an account
All Information listed Must Be The Same


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