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Listing prices start at only $15.00 per month, even less if you are the first to list in your county. For more information regarding our pricing structure see our Fee Schedule and Payment Information.

Note - To List, you must be listed in the Appraisal Subcommittee's National Registry for any state in which you list. Your State Board sends your information to the National Registry. You can verify that you are on the National Registry at (You need only Enter your Last Name and State, then click "Search".)

Appraisers are listed on each county page in the exact order that their application (payment) for a county is received, so be the first in your service area to complete the Online Application! (Internet Explorer users - be sure to use the 'TAB' key to move between lines when entering information). Please Note - Before completing the Online Application, be sure to read and understand the Contract / Users Agreement.

Are you just starting out and serving your apprenticeship under another appraiser? While you can not list with us under your license, with your supervisor's written permission, you can receive the benefits of a listing with us by listing under your supervisors company and license. See I am a Trainee. Can I List with you? in our FAQ section for details and specific instructions.

Just have a question? Then give us a call. Or we will be happy to call you and answer any questions you may have if you complete the Feedback Form, (Remember to include your e-mail address / phone numbers), or send us a direct e-mail at

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